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More than a team. 

San Antonio Sports Shooting has a premier youth sports shooting team that competes all over Texas and the U.S. The team has earned many 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place medals in invitational, state, and regional matches and continues to impress the shooting sports world. Most of our athletes come to us with limited skills in firearms sports shooting and we build them into amazing athletes. Our program focuses on the safety of firearms first, instilling the need to be safe over the need to be fast. This allows our athletes to focus on safety while learning how to compete at a high level. And it has earned great results. Contact us if you are interested in meeting the team and trying out for a slot on one of our squads.
No experience is needed, we will teach.

One Vision.

San Antonio Sports Shooting’s mission is to provide a safe environment to teach youth athletes the safety of firearms and to compete in a nationally recognized youth shooting program.


Brian Planto,


joseph Rudolph,


One Team.

Our select team of professionals is dedicated to the success of each athlete. 

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